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Hello Hunters! 
05 October 2016
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Hello Hunters! 

Please use the “Categories” box to your right to find what you’re looking for. Though we do have a few sections of typical blog articles (such as the “Travelling with Kids in Paris and London” and “Nearby Food & Wine”) this blog is also meant to help hunters read posts on the museums they’ll be hunting in, in the meantime sometimes reading whole articles on the treasure they’ll be scouting out on their THATMuse. 

To find these articles, please look for which THATMuse you’re going on and theme you’ve chosen, for instance:  

THATLou – Beauty & Bestiary
THATBrit – Fun & Games

When fragments of text are in bold, often that means it's going to answer a precious bonus question. (Please note, the museums do close of sections at times, so not all blog posts in your theme will always be included in your hunt – worst case scenario you’ve learned a bit about art for the sake of art). Prior to leaving you may want to print off the posts for your THATMuse prep to read en route to Paris or London thus getting your adrenaline pumping for the greatest Museum adventure!   Comments or suggestions per blog post or via email are warmly welcomed!  Happy Hunting!