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The Musée d’Orsay has the single most important collection of Impressionist art in the world with works from Van Gogh and Gauguin to Cezanne, Monet and Renoir. Famously housed in a former railway station, the open space is complicated. Nothing a treasure hunt doesn’t solve! Often bonus questions meld the impressionists with the building, requiring silly photos (Why not take a souvenir home with your team posed as Degas dancers – that’s right, up on pointe! – in front of the museum’s train famous clocks? Meanwhile getting kids to remember his name). THATd’Or stands apart from our other hunts for two reasons, as the museum collection changes regularly most of the hunts are built on order (eliminating themes). Our Musée d’Orsay hunt also differs, insofar as treasure text often makes a connection between the museum’s collection and Paris itself, for the simple reason that a lot of the artists contributed to what you see on the streets today, such as Garnier’s Opéra. As with any of our hunts, we’ve also hosted large corporate and birthday THATd’Ors as well!

THATRue is a street hunt which we have in both the Latin Quarter (3 distinct routes, in English and Spanish) and the Marais (2 distinct routes currently only in Spanish). One route costs 20€/team, takes 60 to 90 minutes and is scheduled on your own (weather dependent) after your museum hunt. We bring THATRue when we meet you for your museum hunt, but please note THATRue is not sold independently (we have discontinued our postal/drop off service), unless it’s hosted to groups of 12 or more. It’s often customized for Hen/Stag/Birthday parties, corporate hunts (the Dutch Embassy sent 70 a-hunting recently) or for school groups (it was originally built for 150 American high school teens who used all three routes simultaneously). More info can be seen here. If you book two museum hunts (THATLou, THATd’Or & THATBrit), you automatically get two free THATRue Routes for two teams

If you book two museum hunts (THATLou, THATd’Or & THATBrit), you automatically get two free THATRue Routes for two teams


  • J’Adore THATd’Or

    Covering Musée d’Orsay highlights, from Renoir and Manet to Van Gogh and Gauguin. The intention of the J’Adore THATd’Or theme is to make sure you have an overview – from incredible Arte Nouveau furniture to fanciful French sculpture – of the entire collection. Getting you from the world-famous to the hidden nooks and crannies!


    We’ve built customized hunts from Female Form for a Paris-based expat Ladies’ Club to Modernity and Motion for an Engineer school hosting a networking event. However, as the museum changes its collection regularly, no theme remains intact for long (thus our need to build each hunt by order)

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LUNCHEON ON THE GRASS, 1863 Edouard Manet (Paris 1832 – Paris 1883)

LUNCHEON ON THE GRASS, 1863 Edouard Manet (Paris 1832 – Paris 1883)

Sex sells. And any PR maven knows that bad publicity is the best publicity. Manet surely calculated every inch of shock factor that this painting unleashed. Just the large canvas (reserved for important historical subjects), roughly painted background lacking any depth (is that woman floating or bathing back there?) and intentional, unrealistic light (where are the shadows? There aren’t any!) were all screams for attention, let alone the subject. Originally entitled Le Bain, Manet took the hotly-desired rejection from society a step further by making the objectionable subjects close to him: the two dandies – indifferent to the naked prostitute picnicking with them – are his brother & brother-in-law; the naked woman has the body of his wife and head of his favorite model. Parodying Raphaël, Giorgione and Titian (painters Manet, a Beaux-Arts graduate, coveted), Manet exhibited it in the 1863 Salon des Refusés, where both Proust and Odilon Redon spurned it. Well done! Manet got his much-sought attention from the Bois de Boulogne (the forest to the west of Paris, where it was commonly attributed), to London, where a smaller version of Luncheon on the Grass can be seen at the Courtauld Gallery. Now that you’ve found this, earn an extra twenty points if you toddle over to the Café Campana, found on your map near the enormous train clock, and pose as the trio on the grass (you can keep your clothes on) on the plateau above the café for everyone to watch. Is your dignity for sale?!?


You’re met outside Entrance C, on the Musée d’Orsay’s esplanade and provided with a brief history of the former railway station, accompanied into the museum and after coats are checked and you’re ready to play, your THATd’Or Rep shows you the hunt and how to play. Your hunt packs include the hunt, map, pencils & the all-important answer sheets (in sealed envelopes!). In the Classic Hunt you’re offered “friendly competition” if there’s another family who’s opted for the same time & date, or some families of 4 like to split into two teams, one parent & child per team. For our Classic Hunt you’re neither accompanied nor are you met after, allowing you to hunt as long as you’d like. Cost: 35€/person (kids under 5 play free)

The format of the Luxe Hunt is the same as the Classic Hunt except during your hunt the THATd’Or Rep skulks about the museum spot checking that you’re not cheating (no separating, no calling your curator Auntie!) and then once you’ve regrouped you tally scores together before a prize giving ceremony (within the museum café, if you’d like to see more after your hunt, or on the banks of the Seine outside the museum, if the kids want to stretch their legs). Cost: 350€/3 hours, including light-hearted prizes and is limited to families of 6 people or fewer Groups of 10 or larger: Please contact us for a quote (ideally mentioning if you’d like a customized hunt or not)

Kids under 18 enter free, EU Citizens under 26 enter free with photo ID. Entry tickets can be bought on the Musée d’Orsay website here. You can also read about the Paris Museum Pass on the Paris Tourist Board website. If you’re in a bind, we do have a ticket service for 22€/adult

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1 Rue de la Légion d'Honneur, 75007 Paris

Line 12 (station: Solférino) or Line RER C (station: Musée d’Orsay)


24, 63, 69, 73, 83, 94

Closed Mondays, open till 9 pm on Thursdays.
All other days open 9:30 am - 6 pm

As many don’t know of the late hours on Thursdays the crowds seem to be thinner those afternoons. Weekends tend to be more crowded